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80 Years Old Female Bodybuilder - Fitness Motivation

Ernestine Shepherd

                         "I am Ernestine Shepherd, 80 years of age.I bench press 110 pounds.I started training at age 71.I was named the oldest female competitive body builder at the Guinness Book of World Records.My sister and I started exercising together.I had never done any type of exercising before.Before she died, she said, promise me you will follow my dream and try to get in the Guinness Book of World Records.So, that's what I did.I have been in six or seven competitions.I win, but some I come out second and third,and I'm pleased with that.I'm up every morning at 2:30.After I have my devotions, I walk and I run approximately 10 miles.I'm at the gym at 7:30, and I have a group of ladies that I train.Down, and one.I train all ages.One of the youngest, I think she is about 20 years of age,and the rest go from 40, all the way up to 80.When people come to my class for the very first time,they are really, really surprised.They said, "I didn't think this exercise would be this tough, but if you can do it, we are going to do it, too." I really don't feel as though I'm 80 years of age,but I am!I want to keep training until my day is done."

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