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Do Cardio
Cardio is helpful to gain your muscle perfectly..
It's YOU vs YOU
Try to Beat your own Records
Be a Hard Worker
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Hi, I’m Malik!
                                                   I’m a web designer  , photographer , helper  , lover  and most important thing I’m your friend. Yes of course we are friends. I think you would like to know more about me. Did you know? I’m a student, yes I’m still studying. Not only me , Everyone who lives on this beautiful and amazing world they are should be students.

                          Since I saw Bodybuilders like People’s  champ Dwayne Johnson , Sir Arnold .. I’m trying to build my body like that.. I tried many systems , formulas, weight gaining programs .. But no use from that.. Finally I saw something specially from this INTERNET.. I collect all these information and I made a small system to build my body.. Yes it’s works .. 

                         And I got a new question “WHY THAT IM NOT GOING TO PUT THIS INTO WEBSITE?”. Oooh great idea .. Finally I develop that all systems and information to one weight gaining system with the help of wikihow.. yes they are amazing and they helped me to build this guide perfectly..  I like to thank wikihow and my Team members.. Thank you very much guys.. 

                          Ok here is the guide my friends.. I hope this one will helps to you.. and I wish you all.. GOOD LUCK!.. Ok don’t waste your valuable time .. stay FOCUSED and START RIGHT NOW to BUILD YOUR SUMMER BODY!!!..................

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