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Did you know? Eating insects, like crickets, might sound gross, but it could be good for your gut

                                     Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, Madison recently conducted a study, revealed within the journal Scientific Reports, to work out however intake insects, that contain vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, may have an effect on the physical body.


Top 5 Best Fitness Trampolines for exercise and trampoline workout

                                                                   Rights2Gain presents, our pick for the top 5 Fitness trampolines.For this review, we chose 5 brands known for quality Fitness trampolines, showcasing a variety of options that are available. These top 5 fitness trampolines really helpful and you can use these for rebounder workout and trampoline classes..

At the number 5 spot is

The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline

the stamina intone oval jogger trampoline

                                                  The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline chosen not only for its features, but also because of its budget friendly price tag. Stamina Products Inc. was established in 1987 and has consistently offered top-quality fitness and leisure equipment that enables people to have fun while keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline is designed in an oval shape that provides a wider rebounding surface for greater stability and extra exercise options. It also has resistance cords with padded handles for exercises that strengthen the upper body and an adjustable handlebar for extra stability. However, this handlebar loosens and has to be tightened frequently.

Next on our list at number 4, is

The Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder Leaps and ReBounds Trampoline

The Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder Leaps and ReBounds Trampoline
The Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder Leaps and ReBounds Trampoline

                                           The Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder Leaps and ReBounds Trampoline was established to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle at affordable prices. It provides fitness equipment at reasonable prices and also offers great customer service. The Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder Trampoline is unlike the conventional trampolines made with springs. It’s solidly constructed and designed with high-strength bungees made of latex rubber that’s smooth and resilient. The bungees are well covered to protect your feet and ankles during workouts. The legs are also screwed in for greater balance and stability. Although it’s easy to assemble, you need to exert considerable force and follow the instructions meticulously. The next product on our list was chosen because it is a great choice for people who are looking for a Fitness Trampoline with lots of bells and whistles.

At number 3 we have

The Jumpsport Pro Fitness Trampoline

the Jumpsport Pro Fitness Trampoline
the Jumpsport Pro Fitness Trampoline

                                                     The Jumpsport Pro Fitness Trampoline is an exemplary company that inspires other companies to excel through its thrilling yet safety-conscious inventions, thus ensuring that customers have safe and healthy fun. The Jumpsport Pro Fitness Trampoline uses a durable cord system in place of the traditional ‘noisy’ spring system, which makes for not only safer and more fun bounces, but extra quiet ones too! Moreover, its 16-gauge steel tubing frame strengthens the trampoline to withstand all the pressure of an intensive workout. You should know that this trampoline is quite costly, but in the end its sturdy design is well worth the investment. When choosing the right Fitness Trampoline for your needs, Rights2Gain knows that budget can be an important consideration and our number 2 pick,

The Merax Stylish Exercise Fitness Trampoline

the Merax Stylish Exercise Fitness Trampoline
the Merax Stylish Exercise Fitness Trampoline

                                                   The Merax Stylish Exercise Fitness Trampoline takes the spot for best value. the Merax Stylish Exercise Fitness Trampoline offers a wide variety of products that push the limits of modern design to provide solutions to challenges faced by customers daily. These products are made with top-quality materials and designed for optimum performance. The Merax Fitness Trampoline is a low-impact rebounding apparatus designed with frames made of anti-rust galvanized material for durability and large springs with a thickly padded cover and hand rails for extra safety. It also has skid-free plastic feet that keep it firmly in place and ensure that your floor is scuff-free. But sadly, it doesn’t come with instructions for assembling it. And finally,

The MaXimus Pro Rebounder Trampoline

the MaXimus Pro Rebounder Trampoline

                                                     The MaXimus Pro Rebounder Trampoline made it to our Top Choice position because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price. MaXimus Life/Rebound UK develops low-impact workout equipment for fun rebound exercises. It also offers great customer service that ensures you get the most out of your purchase. The MaXimus Pro Rebounder Trampoline is well designed with a top-quality spring system that provides a comprehensive rebounding workout routine, helping you burn fat, keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It comes with adjustable resistance bands that can be used for exercises that help build strength in the upper body and is foldable and portable. However, it can’t be set up and dismantled by only one person.

These are our top 5 Fitness trampolines. I hope you enjoyed reading our review. Until next time, take care. Click now to subscribe to get news letters  and share this article. Don't forget to like our Facebook page and Follow me 

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I am Abdul Malik with Team Rights2Gain...

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Do Cardio or Weights First?

Do Cardio or Weights First

                    So, you decide to double dip and do cardio and lifting on the same day. Now, you’re wondering, “Which one should I do first? “If you’ve already done some research on this topic, you’ve heard the unexciting advice of “do whichever order you prefer” or “first do the one that fits your goal the most. ”In fairness, that’s true. Nothing beats planning your routines with preferences and goals in mind. But, if we look past such simple answers and dive into the science, the enzymes, and the physiology, then we will find that, ultimately, you want to lift FIRST and then cardio. Here’s a few reasons why. Let’s first look at glycogen, the stored form of the quickly metabolized energy source glucose. When you need more glucose, chomp chomp goes your glycogen stores.


80 Years Old Female Bodybuilder - Fitness Motivation

Ernestine Shepherd

                         "I am Ernestine Shepherd, 80 years of age.I bench press 110 pounds.I started training at age 71.I was named the oldest female competitive body builder at the Guinness Book of World Records.My sister and I started exercising together.I had never done any type of exercising before.Before she died, she said, promise me you will follow my dream and try to get in the Guinness Book of World Records.So, that's what I did.I have been in six or seven competitions.I win, but some I come out second and third,and I'm pleased with that.I'm up every morning at 2:30.After I have my devotions, I walk and I run approximately 10 miles.I'm at the gym at 7:30, and I have a group of ladies that I train.Down, and one.I train all ages.One of the youngest, I think she is about 20 years of age,and the rest go from 40, all the way up to 80.When people come to my class for the very first time,they are really, really surprised.They said, "I didn't think this exercise would be this tough, but if you can do it, we are going to do it, too." I really don't feel as though I'm 80 years of age,but I am!I want to keep training until my day is done."

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How Many Times a Week Should I Workout?

How Many Times a Week Should I Workout

                       You might have heard your bros say that recovery days are important and working out every day is bad. But some bros religiously believe in the value of training daily. So, exactly how many times should you actually work out per week? Certainly, rest days are important. After all, strength and growth adaptations do not occur in the gym, rather during your sleep and recovery. But if you’re only walking on a treadmill for 2 hours while watching novel as  on your phone, rest probably won’t matter much then. On the other end, if you’re busting your booty lifting the heaviest weights possible for as many times as possible each workout, rest indeed is necessary.


How Alcohol Effects on Fitness - Bad For Your Gains?

Alcohol Effects

                          Oh, alcohol, why must you be so cruel?  You make me stumble around, scream out loud for no reason, pee 10 times in an hour, and perform dares that I wouldn’t even dare to think about it when I’m sober. But at least you don’t take away my gains . Or... do you? How does alcohol affect your fitness gains? Many of us have at least the occasional drinking nights and sometimes the rare extreme drinking nights, but we hardly think about how it might affect us fitness-wise. One way drinking affects us physiologically is by dehydration. Since alcohol is a diuretic, the more you drink, the more you urinate, the more you’re dehydrated. In worse case scenarios, excessive drinking can lead to severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Pair this with increased levels of a toxin known as acetaldehyde from drinking, you’re ripe with the recipe for a hangover.


                      Not so fun fact, acetaldehyde is also classified as a Group 1 carcinogen, the same group as tobacco, asbestos, and processed meat. And it’s also the reason why many East Asian ethnicities have alcohol flush reactions, aka Asian Glow due to a mutation of the enzyme in charge of breaking down this toxin. Of course, with dehydration and a hangover, you’’ll feel increases in fatigue, sluggishness, confusion, and your chances of going to the gym plummets to a near zero. And if it needs to be spelled out, no gym equals no gains. In fact, your gains might already be affected even if you don’t exercise. Studies show that low alcohol consumption, about 40 grams or so, or 1 drink, has really no effect on the muscle growth promoting hormone testosterone.

                     However, that starts changing as you continue to drink more. 10 to 16 hours after consuming 3 drinks, shown to reduce testosterone levels in your body by 23%. This drop does not come back to normal levels until 36 hours later. That’s a whole 1 and a half day you’re spending with subpar muscle protein synthesis, and the studies also show that the worse your hangovers feel, the lower your testosterone drops. And even worse, alcohol has been connected to decreasing leonine oxidation, which is also important for building muscle. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there for your hormones. Moderate amounts of alcohol has shown to also inhibit the hormone Lepton, which is responsible for making you feel full. If you’re trying to lose weight, good luck battling those cravings for nachos after a long night of drinking. Speaking of losing weight or even just losing body fat, alcohol will also affect how your body uses energy.

                     Typically your body uses glucose and fat as energy through the glycolytic and oxidative pathway. But once you introduce alcohol, your body quickly shifts its focus from glucose and fat to breaking down alcohol for energy instead. Alcohol itself contains roughly 7 calories per gram, which your body breaks down into acetaldehyde and then into acetic acid and then finally a useable energy source known acetyl CoA. While this process takes place, your body won’t be utilizing any other energy sources in your body, which means all the calories you consume while intoxicated will be converted into stored fat and any chances of burning fat for the duration is not going to happen. And most of all, alcohol lowers your quality of sleep.

                     After a night of drinking, studies show that when you go to bed, you do in fact fall asleep quicker and into deeper sleep, but it’s quickly disrupted and REM sleep, the deepest of all the sleep stages, is overall reduced. When you’re asleep, much of the mechanisms for muscle synthesis and recovery takes place. Disrupt that, and you disrupt your muscle growth. So if you have a fitness goal that you’re desperately trying to reach, alcohol consumption is perhaps one of your worst enemies. But if you do choose to drink, drink moderately and choose healthier, low calorie choices. Come check out this previous articles.Thanks for reading.

I am Abdul Malik with Team Rights2Gain.

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5 Ways to Jump Into Fitness With Trampolines


Remember how fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid?

Well, you probably didn’t realize back then that you were also getting a full-body, low-impact workout! If you’re looking for a stimulating and unique way to burn calories and tone up, bringing that childlike fun back into your life is a great way to go.

Here are five different ways that you can jump into using trampolines for fitness.

1) Introduce Yourself to Trampolines

Before you get crazy, start with the basics.

These steps are the perfect way to start if getting back on a trampoline, or even using one for the first time, sounds a little intimidating. Here are the details:

  • Step onto the trampoline. Don’t be scared, it won’t tip over!
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the trampoline that you’re on. Check out some heavy duty trampolines for sale if things are feeling a little flimsy.
  • Shift your weight from side-to-side to get your bearings.
  • Start with small bounces, making sure your core is activated.
  • Flatten your feet to stop yourself, and try out some squats, some upper body twists, or some slowed-down high knees.
  • Try some different heights of bounces, lifting your legs higher as you feel more comfortable.

2) Simply Bouncing

Although there are tons of options for trampoline workouts, there’s nothing wrong with just vertically bouncing.

In fact, many experts recommend this type of workout as one of the best ways to achieve general muscle toning. Also, the repetitive bouncing activates the flow to your lymphatic system, which in turn aids your immune system.

3) Total Body Workout

But why limit yourself to just bouncing when you can exercise your whole body?

After getting your cardio in, use these exercises to get a full body workout on a trampoline:

  • Upper Body Workout: frame-assisted pushups, planking with your hands in the center of the trampoline, and bouncing mat pushups.
  • Abs Workout: seated bouncing, rollbacks, and heel drops.
  • Leg Workout: squats on the trampoline, balance lifts, and lunges on the trampoline.

4) Interval Training

Using a trampoline to do high-intensity interval training is more exciting than basic interval training, and provides many other benefits as well.

Interval training on a trampoline increases the number of calories burned, increases how much fat is burned, and raises the metabolism.

Because there is a soft landing for a buffer, it’s easy on the joints. And because there is an unstable surface, it challenges your body throughout the workout to react against the forces of gravity, like momentum.

5) Incorporating Dance

Dancing is a way to make your trampoline workout even MORE fun!

While you’re bouncing, add in a dance move at the top of each jump. You can twist, kick, or freestyle any move that your heart desires. Not only will this make your workout a ton of fun, you won’t feel like you’re working out at all.

Are You Jumping for Joy?


All credits goes to Dale Harris & articlecity.