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What is a GYM?

Hi Everyone… I know lots of people have this question.. “ What is a GYM?” Actually What is a GYM? Ok let me explain what is a GYM.. OK.. I’m going to explain step by step..


                                           GYM is sort word of gymnasium. GYM is a place like a room , hall or a sometimes it’s will be a ground.. It’s a open air or covered place for a gymnastic services and athletics.“GYM” word came from the ancient Greek. Actually they are found in athletic and fitness centers. GYM also called fitness center.GYMS were very popular in Greece. These gymnasia also have teachers and trainers of wisdom and philosophy. There were a schools of boxing, wrestling , dagger fighting, bodybuilding and weightlifting.(NOTE: I’m not going to talk about the complete history of the GYM).


                        You can make a little GYM at your home.. It’s really easy.. But you are really interest about Bodybuilding, fitness and hard works you must get some little gym equipment.. I like to say we can help you to create a small gym at your home.. Here is the short and sweet answer to the big question.. “ With equipment or without where you doing hardcore fitness training.. yes that’s called gym.. That place is GYM..”


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I think you got some ideas about the question what is a gym.. Now I’m going to tell about culture of GYM. Because I told you I’m going to explain this step by step…


GYM Culture

                           GYM is become a most important one to our young and this generation. This generation and new generation people always trying to keep their fitness.. And also TV medias and all types of medias are still trying to create needs to peeps by  advertising. By the way GYMS are very popular with people who is really interest in physical self-improvement. Gyms employees are always engage with patrons on the same topics, and assist newcomers with suggestions.

Ok here is a summery of what we learned.
                          We had a big question : “ What is a GYM?”
                          Answer for that question is : “With equipment or without where you doing hardcore fitness training,that’s’ the gym”

                     GYM culture : Its telling really what’s happening in GYM.. Like trainers, employees and important one how people react to media adverts.. And how this medias creating needs to people.. 


I like to talk about this topics like taking one by one.. I think you got the idea about it.. And we have lots of interesting topics about fitness .. I think its will helps to you...